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From increased occupancy to efficient management of expenses and high-quality staff recruitment and training, Providence Hotels can offer hotel owners and general managers professional guidance and world class hospitality services in a transparent, uncomplicated, and cost-effective manner.

We offer multiple options to hotel owners and global brands:

Providence Hotels has recognised that independent hotels and their owners have made the decision to remain independent for many reasons, many of which being flexibility, agility, cost and adaptability to changing market dynamics. It is under this premise that Providence Hotels has built its various independent operational models over the years so successfully and brought struggling and prominent independent brands to new levels of prosperity.

Gone are the days of independent hotels, in any location albeit city centres or regional destinations, not being able to operate and digitally distribute their properties and products without enlisting a big brands assistance. These days this can indeed be done! There is a science to operating independently and Providence Hotels has mastered these processes to allow all of its hotel partners the ability to be seen across all digital and sales force platforms at more affordable rates.

It all depends on the specific needs, requirements and goals of the hotel and the strategic vision of all its stakeholders and for the past decade Providence Hotels has been developing these strategies successfully for many independent hotels across the UK and South Africa.

We offer the above services in exchange for a fee and these fee structures are simple, uncomplicated, transparent and easy to understand and reconcile. There are no hidden costs or recharges that are not first approved by our owners.

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We offer clients the option of 3rd Party Management structures which by definition mean:

“A third-party hotel operator manages the day-to-day operations, administration, financial support and oversight for a hotel owner or investor. These services are usually in conjunction with a big global brand, under a franchise agreement, who are responsible for the digital and global distribution and either all or a large portion of the sales and marketing services together with driving property awareness to their global loyalty program member base.”

Having Providence Hotels as your 3rd Party Operator allows there to be a local regional expert, with boots on the ground, operate your property with the global distribution assistance of a big brand under a franchise agreement. Providence Hotels understands all of the technical systems used and becomes the driver together with the owners and brand of the local, regional and international brand strategy and can keep an eye on things that owners may miss or not fully understand.

This is a good option for owners of large primarily located hotels that want to keep control of their hotel but also benefit from a big brand digital and marketing distribution engine.

Banhoek Lodge Guest House Managed by Providence Hospitality